Monday, 27 August 2012

(Stupidly Fast) Strawberry Cream Pie

In a hurry? Need an awesome desert? On a budget? This is the desert for you :).

Right So I love pies and these seem to be something my friends from the USA do really well for desert. I fully intend to properly learn how to make both cherry pie and key lime pie and quite a few others. But until then this one will have to do...though I'm not complaining. 

This is one of my throw together deserts for when I'm doing a fancy dinner and can't be bothered to create a fancy desert to go with it. You can make this with any fruit, plum works well for winter, so long as you can find a jam to go with it. I also bought a pasty case (speed and ease is of the essence) but feel free to make your own pastry case. 

Chilli Chicken Vermicelli

Everyone loves chinese... well I do at least. However all that ooey gooey saucy stuff, as delicious as it is, it's really not good for me. So this is one of my healthy chinese recipes. Ok I should give fair warning that I used a mini food processor to make the sauce for this. You can make it without a food processor/blender with some super fine dicing or grating and some squishing, but if its a massive pain don't say I didn't warn you :).

I am also going to say that I am writing this at a stupid time at night because I have been out at the pub so if there are any mistakes I apologise, but really Im not that sorry :). This recipe feeds two, so you can adjust as you please.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

(Yummy Yummy) Olive Bread

Ok this is an oldie from the food bank. I made this the same night I made fresh tomato soup, they were awesome together :). Why am I using this oldie and why have I been ignoring you for the last little while I hear you ask? Well I had my wisdom teeth out :) or more :(. So I haven't really been able to eat recently but I do apologise and I am back now, partially recovered (still eating like a bit of a weirdo). 

Right, so it's a known fact that every one loves fresh bread and it is my opinion that olives are the best food on earth, so how can olive bread not be awesome? The answer... it can't not be awesome even if it tried (yeh a bit confusing). Basically this recipe creates bready heaven. Don't believe me? Try it. (ps its a wee bit tricky and a pain but totally worth it!)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Honey and Lamb Tagine

I love food shopping. I get to browse the aisles for new ideas for recipes. One of my favourite places to do this is M&S. They have all kinds of lovely food, both ready meals and ingredients. One of the things I found was a amazing sounding 'Red Pepper, Apricot & Honey Tagine Paste', so I thought "what the hell" and bought it to give it a try. 

The recipe on the back recommended adding it to a tin of tomatoes with some diced lamb but as usual I couldn't help messing with the suggested recipe. Tagines are great to make from scratch, but if your feeling a bit lazy, this is an awesome recipe. I am also pretty confident that you can substitute the M&S paste with any other similar sounding paste such as red pepper tagine paste. (I will also try some time soon to recreate this recipe without the paste, for those of you with out access to M&S.)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tomato and Basil Soup

Tomato soup...the King of all soups :). I absolutely love the heinz cream of tomato version but it's especially delicious when tomato soup is made from all fresh ingredients rather than out of a can. So yesterday I had a go at making my own cream of tomato soup. Though I have absolutely no idea how to do this so I had to do a little research. This recipe is based mostly on the Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals version of the soup but with a few amendments. It's lovely, fresh and mostly good for you. I served it with home made olive bread and ate it out side in the lovely heat.

I aimed to make this to serve three but there was quite a lot left over. What you will need to make this soup is: