Friday, 18 May 2012

Amaretto Sours (My Version)

As all I ate yesterday was a slice of toast (busy day) I don't really have any yummy foods to share with you. However, in the evening I did sit and put my feet up with a lovely amaretto sours. Now, before we go on I should warn you, this isn't the cocktail aficionados version of an amaretto sours. This is my version, made the way I love it and if I do say so myself its pretty good!

So what you do is get a little glass and fill it with ice, crushed ice is preferable but cubed ice works when you cant be bothered to crush it.

Gather together your ingredients: Amaretto, Sugar Syrup and Lemon Juice.

As you can see I have opted for the cheap version of all of the ingredients, don't judge me, student budget. Anyway, next you pour out a generous measure of amaretto (about 35ml).

Then pour in your sugar syrup (15ml) and lemon juice (10ml).

The sugar syrup will sink to the bottom and the lemon juice will sit on top of the amaretto. This gives it a nice cocktail effect. So you can either serve it like this or mix it up. 

Finally sit back relax and enjoy.

The measures for the ingredients are to make the drink to my taste. experiment a bit when you make it and adjust it to your taste.

Here is an obvious chart for your adjustments:
More lemon = more sour
More sugar syrup = sweeter
More amaretto = more almondy (yeah I know not a real word) and more alcoholic.