Saturday, 19 May 2012

Dough Pizza Kitchen, Manchester

Yesterday I took a night off cooking and headed to Dough in Manchester's northern quarter for dinner and drinks. For pizza, Dough is fast becoming one of my favourite places. Its menu is quite a novelty, like any other pizza place they have the basics such as the Margarita and the American but in addition they have a wide selection of ... more creative pizzas. These range from their 'Duck and Brie' pizza with pear and pickled cabbage to their 'Wasabi Prawn' pizza with pickled ginger and kale. 

Yesterday we opted for a late dinner; however, despite the time, the restaurant was still full and stayed full until we left. The busy restaurant, along with the friendly staff and the atmospheric lighting made the restaurant an ideal place for dinner with friends. 

I tried to get a picture of the starters before they were eaten
 but I failed. This is what was left of the antipasti by
the time I managed to get my camera out.
Despite the variety of lovely looking starters (I particularly fancied the oven baked camembert) I was out voted and we ordered the antipasti and a garlic pizza with melted mozzarella to share. 

The antipasti was simple and tasty with just two or three slices each of chorizo, parma ham and salami along with a handful of (I'm guessing out of a jar, pre-pitted) olives (yes, I'm an olive snob) and some very nice feta. It was lovely but there wasn't really enough to share it. The garlic pizza was also nice, though personally I thought that there wasn't enough garlic on it (merely a hint of garlic). Also the pizza bases are made slightly thicker than at your average pizzeria; also not as crispy (however this may have been because it was a busy friday night and the kitchen was rushing out the pizzas) but I didn't mind this as they were still very tasty. 

For mains, we all decided to try one of the more exotic pizzas and just for you guys I got a picture of each:

I had the 'Moroccan' pizza which had on it: spiced lamb, red onions, diced mango, mozzarella, spiced tomato sauce, mint leaves and honey yoghurt. The lamb was gorgeous, it may not have been the best cuts of lamb but the spices on it were amazing. I was a bit dubious about the mango pizza combination but it was actually surprisingly. Though I think its very much a personal preference thing, one of my friend made it clear that it definitely wasn't to his taste.

The Moroccan

That same friend, who had been less than keen on mango as a pizza topping, ordered the 'Breakfast' pizza which was topped with crispy bacon, sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella, an egg and chives. I have it on best authority from him that it was very good. But then when is a full english not good?

The Breakfast Pizza

Another of my companions always orders margaritas when we go for pizza because she loves the basic cheese-tomato-dough combination. This time I managed to convince her to try one of the strange pizzas so that I could give you a review of it. She chose the 'Paella' pizza which is topped with salt & pepper squid, tiger prawns, mozzarella, mixed olives, oregano, paprika and peas. She ate the whole thing so I'm assuming it was good she also said that the prawns were particularly lovely and juicy. 

The Paella Pizza

The last member of our party, who was feeling slightly delicate after a wild thursday night out, went for one of the simpler pizza options - the 'Ham and Eggs' pizza. This was exactly what it sounds like two eggs, serrano ham and mozzarella. Unfortunately, suffering as he was, he failed to eat most of the pizza. However this meant that I got to try a little bit of this one myself and it was very good. There is something fabulous about eggs on pizza. Though I have to say the eggs on this one were a little bit overdone. 

The Ham and Eggs

After all of this, as you may have guessed we opted to skip desert. All in all it was a very nice dinner though if I had any criticisms it would be that I personally thought the pizzas could have benefitted from a little longer in the oven and that there was definitely not enough cheese on them. So if you go I suggest asking for extra cheese. Also I would recommend booking in advance if your planning on going; you can book online here.

 Inside of Bluu
If, like us, you don't fancy the night ending with dinner there are plenty of lovely bars and clubs in the Northern quarter. Attached to Dough is Apotheca which does amazing cocktails (watch out for a review soon) and across the way is Bluu Bar which is where we headed last night and is alway guaranteed to be busy on the weekend.