Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wong Wong Bakery

I had a long day at college today, so when I finished I thought I would treat myself to a peanut butter pancake. These are one of my favourite treats from the Wong Wong Bakery in Manchester. I was introduced to the bakery by a good friend while I was at University and it fast became one of my favourite bakeries for snacks and cakes. 

A lot of the goodies in there are slightly unusual (to me any way) however every one I have tried is utterly delicious! From the fresh fruit topped cakes to the char siu pork stuffed sweet buns to the leek and bacon plait to my personal favourite - the peanut butter pancakes (a mere 50p per pancake!).

Usually I buy two pancakes and take one round to my friend so that we can sit and eat them with a cup of tea and have a natter. Today I treated my self to two and devoured them with a cold glass of milk :). The pancakes are only little, honest. They are also called pancakes but they are not made with regular pancake batter, its much thicker and stickier (I think its made with rice but don't quote me on that). 

The bakery also does fabulous cakes for birthdays and the likes, with a sponge to die for (though probably not literally). If you don't believe me you can have a look for yourself here.