Monday, 11 June 2012

Away for a week - Almond truffles

This week I have my finals for my Law exams and so I don't think I will be posing anything until next weekend. So goodbye for a week and I will leave you with one last little experiment until then, almond truffles. These are made in the exact same way as the pistachio chocolate truffles, except I swapped the pistachio for ground almond and used white chocolate for the ganache and milk chocolate for the coating.

Enjoy :) and see you in a week.


  1. How do I get the recipe. Have spent hours trying to get an almond truffle recipe and hitting brick walls

    1. Go to the page for pistachio truffles (on this site), I used the same recipe but substituted the pistachios for ground almonds and left out the sugar. I also used white chocolate for the ganache and the milk for the coating (i.e. I switched the chocolate round). I hope that helps, let me know how it goes making them.

      The link for the pistachio is: