Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Delectable Day Out in York

The other day my sister went on a little day trip to York. Now I asked her nicely to stop at the fudge kitchen to bring me back some lovely fudge but sadly she didn't. On the other hand she brought back some absolutely lovely macaroons from Betty's Tea Room and some good pictures of other lovely things. I asked her to write me a little bit about Betty's and other fun things, this is what she had to say:

"I decided to take a trip to York, just to explore a little bit of Yorkshire and to visit the dungeons and Betty's tea room. During my visit I managed a mass amount of exploring of all the little bakeries and chocolatiers in the city centre. I fully recommend a wonder down 'the Shambles' a little back road where the window displays alone literally made my mouth water. 

A stroll along the canal, in the surprisingly glorious sun, brought me to a cafe on the canal called 'La Place Verte'. Here I discovered a make-your-own hot chocolate (where you were given a tall glass of hot milk and a mug of chocolate chips) and a mixed fruit chutney and ham ciabatta to die for, which had a wonderful contrast of both sweet and tangy. My friend had I chicken ciabatta which he ate so quickly I can't vouch for how good it was, but I think his speed might!

Finally it can't go without saying that Betty's tea room was every bit as elegant and glamourous as I hoped it would be. Full of all sorts of beautiful cakes and treats. The ladies and gentlemen were all smartly dressed and dapper, enjoying their afternoon teas. I felt like I kid in a candy shop or at least a lady in a tea room. If my friends hadn't been there to hold me back I'm sure my bank account would have been quickly been emptied. 

Besides the food, the thing I loved most about York was the little surprises you can find inside the city centre. I found a lovely quiet park just off the main road and sat and chatted with friends surrounded by birds, just seconds from the main road but completely tranquil. A wonderful city."

I love her more than I can say for the little box of macaroons she brought back for me to try. We've just sat and eaten all of them :) (don't look at me like that, they are delicious!). A chocolate and pistachio one each and a strawberry and lemon one to share. They were all absolutely delicious, crisp shell but just a little gooey and chewy on the inside. Nom nom. The strawberry was my favourite, followed closely by the lemon; the fresher, fruity flavours were much tastier.

(P.S. Pictures by sister)